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Apply for Tenancy

Tenants of Quantum Apartments will get the opportunity to live in Wetaskiwin's newest and most advanced apartment building. With an elevator, air conditioning, in-suite laundry and other unique amenities, Quantum Apartments is the perfect place to call home for adults of all ages.

Please review our Tenant Qualification Conditions below before proceeding.​

Tenant Qualification Conditions:

  • Maximum Occupancy 

    • 1 Bedroom Units: 2 Persons

    • 2 Bedroom Units: 4 Persons

  • Application Process and General Requirements

    • Gross monthly income must equal 2.5 times the monthly rent.  If more than one applicant is applying then the income will be combined.

    • Any person of 18 years old or older must fill out an application and each application must be fully completed to be considered.

    • All applicants must have government issued photo identification.  A copy of each applicants identification will be kept on file by management.

    • Resident insurance is required by all tenants and proof of this insurance must be provided at move-in.

  • Rental History & Denial of Applicant

    • Any monies owed to a previous landlord will result in denial of application.

    • Any monies owed to a utility company will result in denial of application.

    • Any judgement or eviction process against any applicant will result in denial of application.

  • Income Requirements

    • Proof of income/savings must be provided as part of the application process.  The following methods are acceptable to provide proof:

      • Two recent pay stubs 

      • Most recent tax return

      • Current bank statement showing an available balance to cover the rent payments over the term

      • Retirement pension account statement

      • Disability or other income support documentation (in this case rent payment must be forwarded directly to landlord from government or support agency)

  • Credit Checks and Requirements

    • A credit check will be performed for all applicants. 

    • Favourable credit is preferred but not an absolute requirement.

    • Any bankruptcy or insolvency must be disclosed. Proof of discharge will be required in this case.

  • Hold Deposit Terms

    • A hold deposit is required to hold an apartment off the market while your application is being processed.  This does not guarantee the approval of the application.  If your application is approved, the deposit will become non-refundable and applied towards your damage deposit. Should your application be denied, your hold deposit will be returned to you within three (3) business days.  

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